A Wallet for Billions

A powerfully simple wallet that makes inflation-proof finance accessible.

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Your gateway to the inflation-proof economy

Nuon Enabled

Nuon is native to the Laguna blockchain and is the centerpiece of the Laguna wallet.

Gasless Transactions

Users do not need to hold the Laguna utility token to transact with Nuon.

Incredible UX

The web3 wallet of the future needs to be as easy to use as the Web 2.0 apps of today.

Fully Audited

The Laguna wallet is fully audited by the top independent cyber security firm Kudelski.

The Laguna wallet has been open sourced so development can continue while we focus on Nuon and Truflation.

Censorship Resistant

The Laguna wallet is entirely non-custodial

We never have access to your funds and do not track any user data without your permission. Nobody can lock your funds. An added benefit is that Laguna is compliant by design. Non-custodial financial services are exempt from the regulations that plague crypto and traditional custodians.


Go beyond holding and start earning

Modern crypto users want to do more than just store their coins. With the Laguna wallet you can interact with DeFi apps, as well as stake your coins in a fully non-custodial fashion. This means less risk and higher yields than on centralized services.


Interact with coins on many popular blockchains

We live in a multi-chain reality now. The Laguna wallet isn't limited to any particular blockchain. Starting with popular networks like Ethereum and Polkadot, we are rapidly adding full-featured support of other major chains.

We're hiring

Laguna Labs is the ideal work environment for high-performers. We look for optimistic problem solvers with a bias towards action. Communication is direct but polite. Value is determined by results. Want to come onboard?

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