Money is No Longer Money

Money begins with integrity as its foundation. Laguna builds upon solid, unbiased data to inform everything it does.

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What we're doing

The Vision

Laguna Labs is a team of consummate builders with a track-record to bringing innovative products to market. We're a global group pedigreed, degen, and populated by those who don't mind grinding — all rolled into one decentralized startup. We're here to make your money life better and beautiful. And we mean it.

About Us

The Wallet is Your Gateway

A powerfully simple wallet that bridges millions of new users to DeFi, Dapps and web3.

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Coming soon to Chrome, Brave and Firefox!


Inflation-Proof Stablecoin

Nuon is a stablecoin with built-in yield, overcollaterized by inflation-proof coins streaming real-time inflation adjustments to holders every single day. It's a revolutionary way to protect purchasing power.

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Global Inflation Tracked in Real-Time

At the heart of Laguna is an attempt to gather as unbiased information as possible on the subject of value-loss over time. Our Truflation index looks to place all economic data on-chain, better informing everything else we do.

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Our blockchain

A Blockchain for the Future

An EVM compatible, future-proofed, PoS blockchain that seeks to achieve rapid transaction settlement and finality, minimal per-transaction cost, and enormous bandwidth with low energy consumption.

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An Evolving Ecosystem

Laguna is incubating innovation, we're bootstrapping an entire DeFi ecosystem — Take a look inside.

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We're Hiring

We're constantly building, moving, adjusting to user demand, streamlining, making digital canvas for the art of life ever-easier and intuitive. Want to come onboard?

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