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Laguna Blockchain

A crypto experience that was previously impossible

There are fundamental flaws present in every popular blockchain. Bitcoin tried to be a payment system, but adoption was stunted due to price volatility. Tether solved that volatility, but suffers from the friction of EVM-style gas payments. On top of that, fiat-based stablecoins are hit by inflation. The Laguna blockchain solves these design flaws.

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Inflation-Proof Stablecoin

Nuon is the world's first decentralized flatcoin. A flatcoin is a stablecoin pegged to a basket of goods, shielding holders against loss of value from inflation. It's a revolutionary way to protect purchasing power.

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Laguna Wallet

Your gateway to inflation-proof finance

The Laguna wallet is a powerfully simple app that bridges millions of new users to DeFi, dapps, and web3.

Laguna features non-custodial financial services spanning the entire gamut offered by traditional institutions while users retain full custody and control of their own funds.

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Laguna is built on cryptographic truth

Baked into the Laguna chain is unbiased, censorship-resistant economic data provided by Truflation. Truflation was designed around data and methodology, not sentiment and surveys. Currently, Truflation tracks the prices of more than 18 million items from more than 40 different data sources.

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