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Trusted Node Partners with Hex Trust to Launch Liquid Staking

May 11, 2022

On May 11, 2022, Trusted Node, a decentralized staking and PoS nodes stewardship platform, joined forces with a leading digital custodian Hex Trust.

The strategic partnership will enable secure liquid staking for the Trusted Node users.

Liquid staking allows users to deposit their cryptocurrency assets to obtain instant liquidity they can use for payments, staking, and leverage.

Hex Trust is a licensed and insured digital asset custodian, that will provide Trusted Node with bank-grade tools and security frameworks guaranteeing the safety of users’ funds.

The partnership also supports the newest Trusted Node DAO Escrow feature, which will enable decentralized governance of the platform.

Built by Hex Trust and led by veteran banking technologists, Hex Safe™ is a proprietary platform allowing users to access liquidity providers and exchanges.

“Hex Trust is the best choice for digital asset custody, with its focus on the highest security standards, enterprise-grade workflows, and rigorous approach to compliance. We are proud to integrate their custody service, supported by regulated infrastructure, as a next step in the enhancement of the Trusted Node ecosystem.” — Stefan Rust, CEO of Trusted Node.