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Nuon Pioneers Inflation-adjusted Stablecoins

May 13, 2022

In May 2022, Nuon Finance, pioneering stablecoins adjusted for the decentralized, independent inflation indices, launched its website and released a whitepaper.

It is the first stablecoin protocol powered by an independent inflation oracle, Truflation, rather than the official CPI numbers, to offer a more accurate and up-to-date inflation hedging. The algorithms consult the inflation oracles and adjust Nuon daily.

Nuon is a family of fully-backed, over-collateralized stablecoins designed to protect users' wealth from devaluation and become the cornerstone of a new inflation-proof economy.

Nuon Finance is an autonomous borrowing platform that allows users to deposit collateral to mint Nuon coins that can be used as liquidity for payments, remittance, leverage, or savings.

Nuon protocol is built on the triple-audited smart contracts with collateral insured from hacking by the leading DeFi insurers.

The soft peg is stabilized by the market arbitrage and the dynamically adjustable loan conditions based on the target vs. market peg and the daily inflation corrections.

Nuon Finance is releasing their unique stablecoins as a prelude to creating an ultimate global flatcoin optimized for price flatness that will help owners maintain their purchasing power worldwide.