Nuon Is
Better Money

At the heart of Laguna is a native flatcoin. Nuon is like a stablecoin, but its price adjusts to protect users from inflation.


The world's first flatcoin is also incredibly secure



Nuon is collateralized by a group of blue chip cryptocurrencies. The protocol always holds more collateral than the nominal value behind the stablecoin, so the peg is secure.

Inflation Pegged

Audited and Insured

Nuon is double-audited and features collateral deposit insurance from three major insurance providers in the space. The most secure protocol for your money.



Most stablecoins are fully centralized and opaque. Even coins like DAI are mostly backed by black-box stablecoins. Nuon is completely decentralized and censorship-resistant.


Nuon's value is pegged to a basket of goods

US dollars and stablecoins are losing almost 10% of their value each year. Nuon is pegged directly to your purchasing power rather than a fiat currency. Not only does this protect you from inflation, it is less subject to coming stablecoin regulations.

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Cryptographic Truth

The peg is updated daily based on the true inflation rate

Nuon leverages Truflation to find the real rate of inflation. Truflation delivers an unbiased CPI crafted from over 18 million prices every single day.


We're hiring

Laguna Labs is the ideal work environment for high-performers. We look for optimistic problem solvers with a bias towards action. Communication is direct but polite. Value is determined by results. Want to come onboard?

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