Marketing Lead

Design • Permanent • Nuon • Remote

Posted: 02 Jun, 22

Nuon is a family of inflation-proof coins pegged to various fiat currencies. They deliver consistent purchasing power by streaming inflation adjustments directly to each user's wallet.
In other words, Nuon is a stablecoin with built-in yield.


  • Meeting with the sales and marketing team to discuss digital marketing strategies.
  • Designing and implementing online marketing strategies across all digital platforms.
  • Managing the company’s social media platform and web advertising.
  • Developing social media strategies.
  • Identifying the latest trends and technology within the industry.
  • Analyzing site traffic including click navigation, shopping patterns, and purchase conversion.
  • Assessing the online user experience and developing strategies to increase NPS.
  • Maintaining customer communications with weekly reports, news articles, and industry guides.
  • Monitoring and maintaining the media budget.
  • Preparing and presenting digital marketing reports.


  • Bachelor’s degree in marketing, communications or related field.
  • Previous experience as an online marketing manager.
  • In-depth knowledge of digital marketing techniques.
  • Experience with social media networking and advertising.
  • Knowledge of digital marketing tools, SEO best practices, and brand exposure techniques.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Advanced project-management skills.
  • Knowledge of the latest technology and trends within the industry.
  • Good interpersonal skills.